Gifts For Fans Of An Electric RC Plane

You’ve discovered the perfect gift. You’ve learned that the recipient is interested in radio-controlled airplanes and that he or she is a big fan of an electric RC plane. You’ve decided to add to their hobby air force by purchasing a plane as a gift.

The problem? You don’t know the first thing about electric RC planes or how to choose from the many available options.

Fortunately, you can make a smart purchase that will thrill a model plane enthusiast by following a few simple recommendations.

First, determine the skill level and experience of the recipient. These planes are very popular with beginning RC pilots, but they’re not all the same. Some are classified as “ARF”, which means they are “almost ready to fly” right out of the box. Others are considered “RTF”, which means they are “ready to fly”, as is. If the person for whom you’re shopping has a reasonable amount of experience with the hobby, an ARF electric RC plane is probably the best choice. If he or she is just beginning to explore the hobby, RTF electric RC planes may make a better gift.

Second, find out if the recipient has a preference in terms of place size. These planes are available in a number of different sizes–they’re not all scaled the same way. Some RC pilots prefer larger models and others enjoy smaller planes. Ask someone who has at least some familiarity with the recipient’s existing stock of planes about his or her apparent preference in terms of model scale and use that to guide your purchase.

Third, if you can’t choose from the large number of available planes, you’re probably better off pursuing a different gift idea than guessing. You can find out what kind of batteries the motors of the recipient’s planes use and give them as a gift. You can also browse through any hobby shop’s extensive collection of accessories for model plane enthusiasts. You can undoubtedly find a great gift even if you don’t opt for an electric RC plane.

These recommendations will help a great deal in selecting an ideal present for a model plane enthusiast. You should find out about his or her skill level and experience to help guide your hunt. You should determine the appropriate scale for any electric RC planes you might happen to buy. Finally, you shouldn’t worry if you’re not comfortable making a plane selection–there are a wide range of related accessories and gifts from which to choose.

You know the recipient loves RC planes and that he or she would really appreciate a gift related to his or her hobby. With a little effort and guidance, you will be able to provide an extremely well received electric RC plane present.