Decorating With Bedroom Accessories

It’s time to give your bedroom a new look. It’s important to use all the decorating weapons in your arsenal, especially bedroom accessories. Accessories are essentially defined as all the elements in a room that are not mainly there for the room’s function. A bed would not be considered an accessory, while a lamp or a throw pillow would be classified as an accessory.

Accessories can be occasional tables, electronics, vases and the flowers they hold, picture frames and other items that are strictly for decoration. Accessories can include fancy window coverings as well. As the name implies, “bedroom accessories” are used to decorate a bedroom’s interior. Bed ruffles and pillow shams are good examples of accessories that you would primarily expect to see in a bedroom.

Bedroom accessories are usually color coordinated with other elements in a room. Wall colors complement bedding and window coverings. Even lamp shades can be made to reflect coordination with its surroundings. Using window coverings as accessories might mean that instead of simply draping a curtain over the window, a roman shades or a cornice is used. Both are more unique ways to cover a window and serve as an accessory as well as function to cover the window.

Accessories can also include flooring. A bedroom’s floor is often made warm and inviting with carpeting and scatter rugs. With such a wide array of rugs to choose from, they are perfectly classified as accessories. Braided rugs, hand knotted rugs, natural fiber rugs, like sisal and jute, bamboo rugs, Oriental and Persian rugs as well as bear skin rugs, all serve as accessories adding warmth and softness to a floor. The more unique design the room has, the more likely a rare looking rug is used to add to the mystique. A room with an Asian theme might have wall to wall natural fiber carpeting. Technically this feature is still an accessory, because it is added to an existing floor.

Lighting is often an accessory also. Floor lamps, ceiling lamps, table lamps, track lighting and recessed lighting can add ambiance to a room. It can be used to highlight artwork, assist with reading, offer visibility when waking at night and provide definition of space. Folding screens, groupings of furniture and rugs define space in a bedroom. All these elements are considered accessories.

Use bedroom accessories to embellish a d├ęcor, provide much needed lighting, dress a bed, create privacy as a window covering, warm up the floor, or define space. When it comes to accessories, the list is very plentiful and new items are being developed every day. Remember, accessories often complete the theme of your bedroom by adding the finishing touches.